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The Partners

Jost Hieronymus · » Philipp Reister

Jost Hieronymus · 1949

Focus of activity:
Interim management in a company crisis, strategic management consultancy, transaction support

Lawyer, business mediator (Chamber of Trade and Industry)

Jost Hieronymus

Curriculum vitae:
Independent lawyer, executive partner of a property leasing company, CEO of ALLWO AG (privatisation of flats), CEO of the Aachener und Münchener Immobilien GmbH, CEO of the Allgemeine Immobilien Holding AG

Special position:
Lecturer at the European Business School (ebs)

Why I am interested in the property business, particularly in rescuing companies:
In order to rescue a firm, you have to cope with a serious crisis under great pressure of time, safeguarding jobs and retaining company values. You cannot just box through your own ideas, you have to lead the way by sensitively mediating between all concerned. The rescuer must be absolutely trustworthy, adept at communication, creative, competent and self-assertive. To accept this challenge in ever new situations is for me the climax of three decades of work in the property field.

» Jost Hieronymus · Philipp Reister

Philipp Reister · 1969

Focus of activity:
Interim management, project development, rescuing and restructuring property projects and companies

Banker, economist, interim executive (European Business School)

Philipp Reister

Curriculum vitae:
Assistant to the board of the Allgemeine Immobilien Holding AG
. CEO of Kyrein Projektmanagement GmbH

Special position:
Lecturer at the Building Academy of Biberach

Why I am interested in the property business:
I have the urge to set things in motion and bring them to a conclusion. I can pursue this passion time and again as an interim manager in ever new and demanding situations. Particularly fascinating in the property business is that at the end of the day I have something concrete, ‘constructed reality’, so to speak, to show for my work.

Our customers place a great deal of trust in us when they charge us with taking over responsibility at a very difficult time for a businessman’s life’s work, for considerable property assets and committed employees. My ambition is to act and take decisions first and foremost as if it were my very own company I was looking after.