1. 3How do we manage a recently acquired large property portfolio?

The initiator of a specialised property fund bought commercial buildings worth around 300 million euros – without having first built up a structure and employed personnel to manage this property. Therefore, it was mainly relevant resources that were lacking to manage the objects professionally and to communicate effectively with the investors.

These resources were exactly what we created on behalf of the company in a seven-month period. Our assignment was multi-layered: selection and training of employees, development and programming of a reporting tool, integration of a management information system, identification and engagement of property managers and further contractors, steering of rented property and rent negotiation, assistance in acquiring new capital assets and participation in refinance.

This complex project succeeded in particular due to close and trustful communication with the company and our many years of experience in the field of commercial asset management programmes. In addition, we were able to draw on our long-established network of market players, legal advisers and property managers.